Hi I’m Amanda, I’m a creator, maker and crochet designer. In early 2016 I picked up a hook and started to crochet for the first time since my teens. My amazing Grandmother “Nanny” taught me how to crochet and I had forgotten how much I love it. So much so that every spare moment is now spent with a hook in my hand and I have more projects waiting to be started than I could list on this page. My ideas are endless, I love bringing them to life to share with you.

I have started this blog to share my crochet design journey and my life.  I will learn as I go sharing my experiences with you on the way.  Come on my journey and you can have fun while we learn new things together.  You can also visit to find out about the other things I do. I love to grow things to eat and grow flowers to bring joy, I love to cook the things I grow for my family and I to eat and enjoy.

For my family and friends a massive thank you for all your encouragement and support of my creative journey.  I couldn’t do all that I do without you.