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Winter Colour Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about winter colour inspiration and where to find it. Colour is so important when creating beautiful crochet things. Whatever you make getting the seasonal colour right may well make or break your success.    If you get it right no matter what you make it will standout and look amazing, get it wrong and its that ugly thing you wish you had done something with that you banish to a drawer as a fail.  Texture is next on the list of great projects and the stitches to go with the colour of course.

Whilst I’ve been out and about this winter I’ve been looking at my surroundings with a different perspective and have started to gather as many pictures as possible to collect winter colour inspiration for future crochet projects.

I have an allotment that is my 9 months of the year outdoor gym but late December and January are either too wet or too cold to spend any decent amount of time there.  So I resort to some favourite dog walks for extra exercise.  My two little munchkins love walks that include forging in the hedgerow, chasing squirrels they will never catch and barking at crows that they will never catch!

Here is Ruby hiding under the Afghan Lapghan as I was putting it together. Behind you can see my sampler blanket.  A chore to make but warm and it does what it’s meant to which is to remind me of the stitches that look great and how to do them.


Here is Timmy watching me write my blog, waiting for his snuggle on the couch !


This year I’ve been looking at the surroundings with new eyes as I think about winter colour and my crochet creations as I walk I’ve been seeing a new winter world. I have loved walking the dogs this winter the world looks like a different place with my different eye’s I can see colour and form that I might normally ignore or pass by unnoticed.

Here is a selection of pictures for my winter colour inspiration.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with granny squares in recent weeks and have been researching lots of patterns. I loved all the crochet diagrams and have been slowly teaching myself how to draw them.  Straight ones are easy I haven’t quite mastered the round ones yet.

Crochet chart template

I found this one on Simply Crochet mags website, there are loads more designs. I like the ease of reading a computer generated crochet diagram but i think there is something beautiful when you find a complicated hand drawn pattern.



Adscf8286 half hexagon from Betsy Makes for a very pretty blanket.

So I’m thinking maybe a granny square using winter colour inspiration.


Watch out for more winter colour inspiration as the dog walks get longer because I need more steps and maybe a few granny squares to match the inspiration.  Take some time to look around you and be surprised by the beauty you will find.




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