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♥ Crochet Hearts ♥

Crochet Hearts for Valentines

I hope I inspire you to pick up your hook and have a go at making a pretty crochet heart.


I have never really enjoyed Valentine’s as it falls three days after my birthday and is a reminder of sad times. February is a dark month for me. This year I wanted to make it happier time so I decided to make lots of crochet hearts to make me smile and to remember our loved ones.

I’ve been married for five years but with my husband for 25 years. We decided to celebrate our 20 years together during our 40th birthday year and finally got married. We had an amazing party with our family and friends.  For the first few years of our relationship I would either get a Birthday gift and nothing for Valentines, or my husband would forget my birthday and make up for it three days later.  It missed the point of valentines day! I do love him very much so have forgiven him many times in favour of a nice gift on valentines.

February is a time to remember the loved ones who have gone and a time to remember those friends whom I thought I would grow old with.  They will all be sorely missed as my birthday comes round again.

Once I have paused to remember it’s time to look forward to spring when the next rash of birthdays arrive for all the young people in our family.  They are all heading in to their teens or early adulthood. Its an exciting time but sad too as there are no more themed birthday parties and home made birthday cake. But lots of going out with friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and instead of a toy or a party invitation I find I’m giving much more grown up gifts.

To remember our loved ones and before I have to turn my hand to lots of birthdays gifts, requests for items desired will be accepted.  I have been busy making a rash of crochet hearts in various guises. I love the change in hues from Christmas red, sparkles and whites to valentines pink, red and cream. Turning of natures seasons see’s the turning of colours as we celebrate our traditions.


I have found patterns everywhere for hearts but the one I like the most and the one that is the star of the show is the lacy heart.     I found this heart first, its the one I went back to after trying lots and seeing hundreds.  I should really take note of my research techniques its the same as shopping! See what you want first but don’t buy it as you must check out everything else in the shop and other shops, before going back to the first thing you saw some three hours earlier and buy it. After you have stopped for a nice lunch or coffee off course because you can’t commit to purchase until you’ve refreshed your energy levels.

The pattern is Swedish, the web page is excellent, its by Crochet Millan and is in English and Swedish and has some excellent pictures for you to follow.  The hearts were intended for Christmas, but they are perfect for Valentines.  This is a straightforward pattern but a little difficult if you are just learning to crochet and haven’t quite mastered working in the round or moved on from double crochet.  For my next post and I will do an easy beginners heart that even the most novice crocheter will be able to master with a little practice.

What to do with them?  I think they have a number of uses, cup coasters for your coffee table, a handmade card for your valentine or a garland or wall hanging. An applique for a t-shirt or blanket.

I made the wall hanging for a close friend who lives by the sea, look out for future pictures of them in situ at the beach house.

The garland adorns my fireplace, I love both the wall hanging and the garland.  I found it quite hard to part with the wall hanging and intend making a set for myself as the wall looks bare now they’ve departed for the beach.  The garland will remain along with lots of different cup coaster on my coffee table.

With love for valentines, who will be yours?

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