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Confused ? I was ! When I rediscovered crochet I also discovered that there are two different types of instructions UK terms and US terms very confusing when you are starting out. It took me a while to be able to read both types of instructions but now, after much practice, I’ve worked it out and don’t really think about it.  I do still make mistakes and have to unpick (frog) my work but I’ve had no major disasters. Understanding the difference between both has also helped me learn how to read crochet diagrams, art in themselves I now find them easier to follow than a written pattern. When I restarted crocheting I had never seem a symbol chart so when I found some I was just scarred and discarded them as too much for my brain to interpret.

How did I overcome my stitch terror? I did lots of internet research to find a guide to all the confusing dc, sc, trc, htc instructions and spent a lot of time matching the guides to the patterns.

My first crochet symbol chart for the crochet baby blanket post. Its not perfect but if I can do it so can you.


If you search the internet for Crochet symbols you will find an amazing array of support out there, there are lots and lots of You Tube videos on how to create stitches some are helpful, some not so.  Watch out for a future post on the You Tube videos I found helpful.

What I would really love is a master class that I can go to to either learn a new crochet stitch or get help with a pattern I’m struggling with. You Tube can sometimes help but nothing beats talking to someone who can show you and teach you.  Unfortunately where I live there are no classes and Knit and Natter is when I’m at work so I can’t go.

I have added this page to help you convert my UK term patterns to US terms.  Once you’ve had a go a few times you will get the hang of it I promise.  Its not as hard as it seems. So be confident if you find a pattern written in terms you are not familiar with, use this guide and have a go.

I cannot take any credit for this guide, I could have made my own but time and knowing this is easy to find on the internet made me think I should just share the hard work someone else has already put in and give them the credit for their hard work.  Dabbles & Babbles published the chart below back in 2014.  Click here Crochet chart for a downloadable PDF, please also take the time to have a look around Dabbles & Babbles wed site there are some great crochet patterns and other craft activities for you to try.

I’ve been using this chart and have shared it on many occasions with other newbie crocheters so I am very confident it will help you.  Be confident, if you find a pattern written in terms you are not familiar with, use this guide and have a go.

Crochet Chart Symbols

Here is a link to a great video by Knit Picks to show you how to read patterns too, Knit Picks.




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  1. It took me a while to sort it out too! I find the diagrams a god send, as you can read any pattern in any language. Otherwise I tend to look for sc – then I know if it’s a US pattern or not. Thanks for the information, it’s really useful.

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