Five Crochet Heart patterns


The wall hanging hearts in the Crochet Hearts  blog post traveled to the beach.  Whilst I loved them in my lounge they fit perfectly at the beach. They have a new home on the Isle of White and  I now have a pending commission for beach huts to go with them.

Crochet has soothed me this month and helped me think of happier times as winter is slowly coming to an end.  It has helped to clear my mind and keep me peaceful. I hope you get pleasure from it too. Following the interest in my simple Hearts Pattern, thank you everyone who viewed it, I thought you might like me to share some of the heart patterns I tried whilst researching for these valentine projects.

So here goes, my favourite first :-

Crochet Millan  the first pattern I found and the one I used for my own garland and the beach hearts wall hanging.



Craftaholics Anonymous a really cute simple heart pattern to try. There are some great pictures to help you get the heart right. This is a great next project if you tried the simple crochet hearts pattern. I plan to give this one away as a key ring.




Sandra – Cherry hearts – I love this blog so colourful, a great stitch library and some easy patterns if you are learning.  I bought way to much yarn to add to my stash after reading Cherries blog her pictures are a feast for the eyes. I want to make these hearts in to cup coasters by joining them together.




Annoo’s crochet world  I didn’t follow Annoo’s pattern exactly, I did a combination of Cherries heart and turned it into a square with help from Annoo’s pattern.  I can see a heart blanket if time ever allows me to make it.






Last but not least Irish lace, the website isn’t as visually pleasing but this heart diagram was very easy to follow and came out really well.






I hope you enjoy trying these pretty heart patterns as much as I have and that you have a very special Valentine to share them with.

Happy Valentines Day 






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