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Mothers Day Crochet Flowers

Happy Mothers Day Mum, with all my love xx


Last year I had only been crocheting for a short while.  With mothers day looming it was the perfect opportunity to make something pretty for both my mum and my mother-in-law.

What to make? It had to be a flower for mothers day.  I found this great daffodil pattern on Attic 24’s web page.  I also found a book mark on Ravelry , I just exchanged the rose on top for the daffodil.  This was the result, they went down very well and are still being used as book marks today.  After I gave it to my Mum she asked me to get her a box frame to put it in.  I insisted she used it as intended as a book mark but promised to make her a pretty picture of crochet flowers.

IMG_1478 - Copy

I have been exploring flowers and colours to decide on what I should make.  Last summer I was looking for flower patterns and came across an amazing book of crochet flowers by Claudia Giardina or Creativity Claudia.  You can find her on Ravelry.  Her patterns are amazing, and what a wonderful gift to give, a flower that never fades.  You do have to pay for the book if you want the whole thing.  Having purchased it myself it is worth every penny. As soon as I received it I really wanted to find an excuse to make a flower arrangement, the flowers and leaves are wired which make them stand beautifully.

As well as the Gerber daisy in the picture frame,  I’ve made these from it so far :-

As well as wired flowers I have researched lots of other flowers too.  My friend at work wanted a daisy broach, I found quite a few patterns but needed something small most of the others I found were too big for a broach or wouldn’t convert very well to smaller thread and a smaller hook.  I tried these two:-

They are both free patterns that are easy to follow and you can find them at Yellow Pink and Sparkley, for the more solid daisy on the right.  The pattern is for bunting, I just used 4ply cotton and 2mm hook to make it smaller.  The centre is very robust and will hold a pin really well. The other one, on the left, you can find at Love Crochet, crochet club blog . Another daisy for bunting but it downsized really well by using 4ply cotton and a 2mm hook. Equally it will look fabulous as bunting.  My friend is very pleased with her daisy broach.

To honour the promise to my Mum’s I’ve been busy taking pictures of flowers and either finding patterns or recreating them myself.  The attic24 daffodil was downsized, the gerber daisy came from Creativityclaudias book of flowers,the daisy is the one from love crochet blog but I couldn’t find a pattern for a primrose so I made one up.

You may not have time to make a whole picture for your Mum but you will have time to make this flower it’s quick easy and effective.  You will be surprised by the pleasure it brings the recipient.  Here it is for you to try:-


Primrose Crochet Pattern


4ply cotton yarn, various colours. minimum 15g. I used Scheepjes Catona, it comes in so many pretty colours and you can buy it in 50g balls.  A 50g ball will make lots of primroses.

2mm hook

Yarn needle



Start with a magic circle , (or chain 4 sl st to join)

Row 1: (in the ch4 loop) ch2, 6 dc sl st in the first st to close, pull the magic circle closed.

Row 2: 2dc in each dc sl st in the first st cast off.

Row 3. attach your new colour in any dc, ch 1 dc in the same st, *htc, trc, dtrc, ch 1, dtrc, trc, htc in the same st, dc in the next dc* repeat to the end you should have six petals in total.  Join with a sl st in the first dc, cast off.

Finish: Weave in the yarn ends and trim.

3 thoughts on “Mothers Day Crochet Flowers

  1. What an amazingly creative gift idea! The flowers are beautiful – I can see several of my favorites – love the daffodil! 😀

  2. Hi Amanda

    Thinking of you sweetie, if I can help please shout,

    Happy Mother’s Day to you

    KT xx

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