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Easter is a special time of year, spring has arrived, new beginnings are showing every were you look.  When I started searching for free crochet patterns for small Easter gifts last year I came across a few but not a many, pretty lacy crocheted egg patterns. I wasn’t brave enough to have a go at them last year as they looked so complicated so I have waited a whole year to make them.  I love crocheting with thread its so fine and delicate the patterns can be complicated but the eggs are small so not too tricky to work out. They have been easier than I thought they would be so don’t be afraid to have a go.

I’ve been researching  all the pretty things you can crochet that have an Easter theme. Crochet amigurumi are  very popular for Easter and there are lots of free patterns for covering small chocolate eggs. Last year I made a cute bunny and a chick. These small crochet items are ideal if you are looking for something to crochet for a charity and they are great stash busters.  They are quick and easy to produce and very effective.   There are lots of free patterns for pretty crochet garlands to make if you search the crochet websites, Ravelry and pinterest have an unending supply. It’s a fabulous resource for ideas and patterns. The crochet flowers blog post has a link to two pretty daisy patterns, they both make very pretty garlands that could adorn a room for the Easter holidays.

Here are the eggs that I’ve been busy making;

Easter Egg pattern

This Easter is probably the first were I haven’t bough out the supermarkets stock of chocolate eggs.  The children are all getting older so Easter eggs are not top of their list of priorities.  Pretty delicate eggs and appliques can take over for now.

I tried all different eggs to crochet around, wooden ones are hard to crochet around as they are slippery, real eggs are a pain to blow the insides out of and if you are a little to rough they crush to easily.  I found polystyrene craft eggs at our local, The Range store, (uk home, garden and leisure retailer).  Walmart will no doubt sell something similar in the US.  These are perfect for crocheting around as they don’t slip and don’t break if you hold them too tight and above all they hang beautifully from a branch because they are light.  I’ve added some crocheted butterflies to my tree.  I made up the pattern from a flower pattern. I will share the butterfly pattern next week.



The patterns I have found for lacy eggs have been mostly in other languages so I’ve had to rely on google translate, which isn’t great on the best of days and, guessing how to make them. Having practiced them a few times I’ve made my own pattern, so you can make an egg too without the dodgy translation and guesswork.

Crocheted Easter Egg Pattern

IMG_2442 - Copy


DMC Cebelia No 30 crochet cotton or any size 10 crochet cotton, I used colour 799.

1mm crochet hook, or hook size to match the thread and egg size.

Assorted polystyrene eggs, the egg in the picture is a 2.5 inches, the pattern fits this size egg


Round 1: Ch 8 sl st to join.

Round 2: ch3 ( 1st tr), 2tr, 2ch, 3 tr, 2ch, *3tr,2ch, 3tr, 2ch, rep from * until you have 8 groups of 3tr separated by 2ch. Join with a ss into the top of the 3ch at the start of the round.

Round 3: ch3 (1st tr)2 tr, 2ch, 3 tr, into that ch.sp. then work 3tr, 2ch, 3tr into each ch sp in the round, join with a ss into top of 3ch. (Eight 3tr,2ch,3 tr groups)

Round 4: ch3 (1st tr),  7 tr.  SS into space between tr group. *Work 8tr into next ch sp, ss into space between group rep from * to complete round.  Join with a ss going through the space between the groups and the top of the starting ch at the same time.

Round 5: Sl st in the next 4 st’s,  ch11 (1 tr, 8 ch), 1 tr in the 4th tr of the 8tr cluster, *ch8, 1 tr in the 4th tr of the 8tr cluster* repeat * to * to the end sl st in the 3 ch of the starting ch 11.

Round 6: 2 dc in the next st, *8 dc in the 8ch space, 2 dc in the top of the tr* repeat * to * to the end, sl st to join.

Round 7: ch3 (1dc, 2 ch) miss 2 sts, *1 dc, ch2, miss 2 sts*, repeat * to * to the end, sl st in the 2 ch of the starting ch 3 to join.

Round 8: ch5, (1hdc, 2 ch) miss 2 sts, *1 hdc in the next dc, ch2, miss 2 sts*, repeat * to * to the end sl st in the 3 ch of the starting ch 5 to join.

Round 9: If your egg is smaller than 2.5 inch try, 8 ch to reduce the size.  Ch 10, miss 6 sts, 1 dc in the top of the next hdc, *ch 10, miss 6 sts, 1 dc in the top of the next hdc*

Round 10: This is the closing round when you get about half way place your egg in the basket you will have created you can move the egg around once you are finished to place it correctly for the pattern.  Ch4, 1 dc in the 10ch space *ch 2, 1dc in the ch10 space* repeat to the end, don’t forget to insert your egg halfway round.  Sl st in the first dc to close.

Finishing: cast off weave in your ends and insert a hanging loop at the top of your egg.

DSC_1439 - Copy

Happy Easter enjoy the holidays xx





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