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Crochet Butterfly – Free pattern


To go with the Easter eggs I wanted something bright and pretty so I’ve made some butterflies.  They started life as a flower pattern but soon became butterflies when I accidentally folded the flower in half.  Not only are the sweet enough to hang on the branches with the eggs they are a great addition to a wrapped gift as a tag or as an applique on a blanket, child’s cardigan or hat.

Can you spot my mistake in some not all of the butterflies??

Butterfly Crochet Pattern



Assorted 4ply cotton. I used Schjeepes Catona 4 ply.

2mm hook


Yarn needle

Fishing line to hang

Special Instructions 

Colours (as in the picture above), A= cream B=pale pink C= pink D= yellow


Butterfly body

Round 1: Colour A, start with a magic circle ch5 (1tc, 2ch), *3tr, 2ch in the magic circle* repeat * to* twice more, 1 tr. Do not sl st to join pull the magic circle closed.

Round 2: Change to colour B in 3 ch of the row 1 ch 5. Ch3 (1tr) 2tr, ch2, 3tr all in the first ch2 space. Miss  3 sts, 3tr, ch2 3 tr in the next ch 2 space, repeat to the end, end with 3tr,ch2,3tr in the last ch 3 space.

Round 3: In the 3ch of row 1 join colour c, sl st twice in the side of the row 2 ch 3, sl st in the top of the row 2 starting tr,* 8 tr in the ch2 space of row 2, miss 3 st, 1 dc in the space between the row 2 tr groups* repeat from * to * three times.  (4 x8tr groups), sl st in the top of the last tr of row 2, 2 sl st in the side of the last tr of row 2 cast off.


Round 1: Antenna top. Colour D, Ch 13 cast off weave in the ends to the middle of the ch 13 leave the ends.

Round 2: Antenna body. Miss two 8 tr clusters, cast on with colour D, you are going to surface chain up the middle of the butterfly starting at the bottom of the butterfly.  Insert the hook in the base of the butterfly and yarn over pull through the butterfly body, repeat six times until you almost reach the top of the butterfly.  Sl st through the middle of the antenna from round 1 and through the top of the butterfly. Close with 1 further sl st, cast off.

Finishing:  weave in your ends to finish, if your butterfly has curled up then steam press it to flatten it.  You can add a hanging loop using one of your colours I used fishing line so the butterflies look as if they are flying around the branches.

Butterfly pattern

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