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Last week I posted a crochet pattern for a pretty heart in three different sizes you can find the pattern here. This week I want to show you how to use the heart pattern to make a pretty picture. You could make it as a gift or keep it to hang in your home.

You only need a few supplies, they are listed below, there isn’t anything too expensive and this is such a pretty and effective way to use your crochet hearts.



The picture above shows all the supplies you will need, in addition a pencil rubber is handy for getting rid of your measurement marks on the paper. I bought the frame for a few pounds in the Range in the UK, Walmart will no doubt sell similar in the US.  You can use any PVA glue I really like the Hi-Tac one shown as it dries clear. It is just sticky enough when wet to hold an item but doesn’t dry to quickly, you can move whatever your gluing  before it dries which really helps with this type of project.

List of Supplies :-

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • 9″ x 9″ box picture frame
  • 21 thread crocheted hearts in a colour of your choice
  • 1 A4 sheet of paper or card in the colour of your choice for the background of your picture, I’ve used a cream heavy weight paper.

How To 

1.The first thing you will need to do is make 21 of the little thread crochet hearts.  Using a 10 count cotton crochet thread and  a 1.75mm hook.  The pattern can be found here. You can decide if you want to make all red hearts, or all cream hearts or another color(s) of your choice.  I chose three cream hearts and 19 red hearts. I wanted them to look like a heart in a heart.

2. Take your picture frame and open it up. I always clean the glass inside and out to make sure your finished picture looks just perfect.

3. Take the paper inlay and lay it on top of your backing paper. Mark your backing paper using the ruler and pencil to the size of the inlay, cut your paper to size.

4. Find the center of your backing paper and mark it with a small cross. Begin laying your first five hearts in a row. You should have 2 hearts above the center mark and 2 below.  Remove the center heart so you can see the center of your page, this will help you keep everything centered.

5. Next lay your next five hearts on the right side of your first row, half a heart higher than your first row. You should now have two rows in total.

6. Repeat with five more hearts to the left of the first row, don’t forget it needs to be half a heart higher than the first row. The two outside rows should be slightly higher than your starting row.

7. Next lay three hearts on either side of your three rows, half a heart lower than your last row. You should now be able to see the heart shape, if your hearts don’t quite look like they are in the right place this is your opportunity to move them around until you are happy with them.


8. Place the center heart on the paper.  You can now adjust your heart shape should you need to.  Don’t mess with it too much it’s not meant to be perfectly even, I rotated the hearts a little on the outside rows but only a little.

9. Once you are happy with your heart shape you can start to glue each one into place.  Just do one at a time and be careful to line them up.  If it helps you can remove the center heart to uncover your cross to help you maintain your shape. Don’t worry if the glue come through the hearts it should dry clear then you won’t see it.

10. Leave your hearts to dry. Once dry you can mount the picture onto the back of the picture frame.  Place a number of glue dots on the back and carefully line up your picture.  Leave it to dry.

11. Once its completely dry rub off any pencil marks that remain from finding your center point.  Most important do a small signature in the bottom right with the year number, I like to do this in pencil.

12. Now you are ready to mount your finished picture. Carefully place it back it the frame and secure it with the frame fastenings.  All finished and now you have your finished handmade picture. Beautiful xx

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