Quick Bircher Muesli – no overnight soaking

Serves 1 easily doubled



I got bored of eating the same yogurt, fruit and muesli breakfast so I thought I’d try Bircher Muesli more because I love porridge. I travel a lot for work and am often on the train in the early morning, so I need a breakfast that can travel.

I’m not a great eater early in the morning so having a healthy, tasty breakfast for on the go is important for me.  I tried a few overnight versions of Bircher Muesli but didn’t find the grey colour they turn into too attractive and I found that whole oats are bit too filling and left me felling bloated.  Then I kept forgetting to put all together the night before.  I like the idea of Bircher muesli, so I tried a little variation and it worked brilliantly.

This is now my favourite go to breakfast a perfect start for a busy working day. I’ve added a few flavour combinations at the end, the options are endless and can be totally tailored to your taste and to what you’ve got in the fridge.   One very important item you will need is a suitable container that seals for you to take your breakfast to work.  Believe me you don’t want a leaking or exploding breakfast all over your laptop when you open your bag on the train or in the office!

Most of all please remember that, you do NOT, need to make this the night before you can make it 1 hour before you want to eat it. I make it when I get up and make my morning cuppa.


1 x 39g sachet quick oats – I like golden syrup flavour

25g unsalted mixed nuts of your choice

1 tsp chia seeds

100ml unsweetened soya milk

2 heaped tablespoons fat free natural yogurt

100g fresh or frozen soft fruit

1 apple, pear, clementine or orange to suit your flavour combination




  1. Empty the first 5 ingredients into your container in the order listed in the ingredients list. Give it a really good stir.
  2. Chop your pear (or other choice of fruit) into bite size chunks and stir, you can add your frozen fruit here too. Give everything a good stir and seal your container.
  3. Open and eat! Your fruit should have defrosted and whole mixture will have firmed up to a lovely creamy crunchy breakfast.
Ready for Travel


Flavour Combinations;

Apple and 1 teaspoon mincemeat – yes the kind of mincemeat you make mince pies with this tastes amazing

Pear and Raspberry (as shown)

Pear and Banana – unlike the overnight version your banana stays a nice cream colour.

Apple and blueberry

Pear and blueberry

Strawberry and banana

Banana and Nutella – replace the soft fruit with 2 tsp Nutella yummy chocolate breakfast

Apple and sultanas

Pear and cranberry

Peach and raspberry

Apple and Blackberry

The combinations are literally endless

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