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5 Free Unicorn Amigurumi Patterns

How cute is this Unicorn!


I’ve been busy hooking this pretty unicorn for my friend’s little girl.  It’s her 7th Birthday and I wanted to make something special for her. I don’t get to make pretty toys and girls things very often. Most of my recent commissions have been baby blankets.  I do design each blanket that I make and I’m always, always happy to be asked to make something.  The only problem is that making lots blankets doesn’t add much variety to my crochet repertoire.  I have two teenage boys so making anything this cute for them is out of the question and I re found my love of crochet too late for my nieces as they are now in their teens too.  They like the quirky scarfs I make and they all have hats made by me.  I’m trying to persuade them to get creative with ideas for funky crochet tops and colla’rs but they aren’t quite getting the vibe.  I’ll keep trying! So making something cute for a little girl was the perfect opportunity to have a go at something different.

I have only every made a rabbit and that was to challenge myself when I first started crocheting again so I pondered what type of unicorn the I should make?  I did a couple of weeks of research in to how to make Amigurumi’s of all types and then I researched all types of unicorn patterns.  Then I found the cutest pattern on this award-winning blog.  Little Yarn Friends click HERE to take a look there are lots of very cute patterns all well written and easy to follows. This blog deserves it’s award it is very good.

I didn’t want to waste my research so here are five of the best free unicorn Amigurumi patterns that I found.  I wanted to save for myself for later which means I can share them with you too.

  1. This is a cute tiny unicorn by  Ahookamigurumi. 











2. A really cute ragdoll style unicorn, fast to work up too, by Spinayarncrochet 


3. This extra sweet macaron amigurumi by Paintitcolourful


4. This one is by Amigurum BB, this blog post shows you how to crochet the eyes too













5. Last but not least this adorable sleeping unicorn by Amigurumi Today


Don’t forget to pin this round up to your pinterest board so that you don’t forget where you found them xx

Unicorn Pattern Round up by Amandajonescrochet



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