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Five free Crochet Doily Patterns


A few weeks ago I was totally inspired by Poppytoft’s 100 day project so I decided to set out on a lengthy crochet project that I’ve had planned for some time but hadn’t quite got to.

Thread crochet has long held my attention as my grandma loved it too.  She taught me to crochet many, many years ago. When I started to crocheting again my Mum gave me a pomander that my Grandmother had made. She obviously loved thread crochet too and I feel very privileged to be the keeper of this precious and delicate piece.   It still has the original potpourri inside. I just can’t bring myself to replace and I worry that it will start to fall apart from age so it’s kept safe, in cabinet far away from the sun. If anyone has any suggestions on how to store it to stop it degrading any further I would love to hear from you?

IMG_1246 (2)

This project is a vintage inspired doily table runner. At the time of starting this post I’d made six doilies but will need many more to complete the project.  It will take me a while so I didn’t want to wait to share the patterns and the pictures of my makes so I’ve been posting weekly progress via Instagram and will post here at the end of each month with the free patterns and a sum up of my makes so you can see the progress.   I will end with a tutorial to show you how to make up the table runner.

For this post I’ve set out below either the link to a pattern or a download for the crochet diagram.  None of these patterns are my own so I have redirected you to other websites.  If you are new to crocheting this may not be the right starting project for you as thread crochet needs some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as any other type of crochet.  If you would like some advice on how to start learning to crochet with thread please do contact me via the contacts page.

I have found that there is a delicate balance between everyday life, making commissions, writing blog posts and trying out new and challenging crochet projects to learn and grow. That balance is sometimes hard to get right.  My blogging friends will totally understand the need to keep you follower’s entertained with creating new and exciting crochet items for inspired new blog posts, with taking time to learn new things for future inspirational blog posts and pattern sharing.  I’m very much in this space at the moment. I haven’ t posted for a while because I’ve been learning so much so I hope you haven’t missed me too much.




So here goes for the patterns that I’ve made these beautiful doilies from so far.  All the links to the patterns or to download the diagrams can be found beneath each picture.

Similar or the same supplies can all be purchased at Love Crochet click HERE.

Doily no 1 – Triangle doilies joined

Supplies – 1.75mm crochet hook (US 5 Steel), vintage rayon thread

Finished size:  20cm or 8 inches across

This  vintage rayon crochet thread was gifted from a friends grandmother. I’m not 100% sure that my idea to join crocheted triangles was completely successful!  However, the colour and weight of the thread are beautiful and I have plans for a larger doily in this beautiful thread.

IMG_1088Click this link to download a PDF copy of the pattern Russian Thread diagram

Doily No 2 – Sunflower

Supplies: 1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), DMC Babylo No 30 Crochet thread colour 3864

Finished Size:  15 cm / 6 inches across

This doily is the most beautiful one that I have made so far and but I just didn’t expect it I love this Babylo thread and the colour is perfect.  The pattern is from a Coats Sewing Group vintage magazine, a gift from a lady at work when her mother passed away. I’ve inserted a picture of the book below, the motif is a sunflower meant for a picture with other flowers and plant pots as you can see from the front of the magazine.  I just liked the sunflower.  If you’ve ever published a pattern you will know how precious the rights are to it’s existence so I can’t reproduce it as it would break copy right laws. If you really wan the book you can search on ebay where I you will find a copy of the magazine, search for Coats Sewing Group Book No 1160. This pattern, in fact the whole book, is in UK Terms.


Coats Sewing Group No 1160


Doily No 3 – Ecru Doily

Supplies:  1.75mm crochet hook (US Steel 5) DMC Babylo No 10 Ecru 0001

Finished Size: 28cm / 11 inches across

A bigger doily that will form the center runner for a pattern by Nancy Hearne that is available from her website.  One of my first ever doilies was by Nancy, I made it for my friends wedding. She married in to and Irish family where it is tradition to give a piece of Irish lace for luck.  This pattern is in US Terms.


Doily No 4 – Summer Splendor

Supplies:  1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), Anchor Aida Crochet Cotton No 30 Col. 00001 (white)

Finished Size: 25cm / 10 inches across

A beautiful pattern found through a ravelry search. The pattern is called Summer Splendor by Denise (Augostine) Owens. The pattern is found on a pattern archive that I have come across before. This was a lovely non complex repeating pattern.  It hasn’t been blocked so does need a steam iron before I put the table runner together. It doesn’t seem to have lost any beauty for not being blocked, it’s name really suits it’s finish. This pattern is in US Terms.


Doily No 5 – Daisy Chain Doily

Supplies: 1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 Steel), Anchor Aida Crochet Cotton No 30 Col. 09926 (Ecru)

Finished Size: 33cm / 13 inches across

This is the largest of all the doilies so far I just love it.  It was tricky to make, I’m not sure if it was because I was making it whilst unwell or because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the instructions but much frogging took place whilst trying to attach the flowers. I learnt a lot with this pattern, it’s inspired me to set out some future projects.  This pattern is in US terms.


Doily No 6 – Flower Doily

Supplies: 1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), DMC Babylo No 30 Crochet thread colour 3864

Finished Size:  13 cm / 5 1/4 inches across

I’m not sure what language this doily is in but it’s very pretty and reminds me of a rose.  It’s from a crochet diagram that I’ve inserted a link below so that you can download the pattern as a PDF. This is much smaller at only 13 cm across I will use this as an edge filler to make the table runner wider.


Click here for a PDF copy of the Crochet Rose Doily Diagram

Look out for more doilies via my Instagram feed, you can see at the top of this post on the right hand panel or you can find and follow me by searching for  @amandajonescrochet in Instagram where you will see my weekly progress.  Look out here for the next post in this series in a few weeks time.


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Five Free Crochet Doily Patterns


Please note this post contains affiliate links, you are not charged any extra if you use these links. However if you purchase something using the link I get a very small reward to help me keep designing these patterns for you for free.  Please see the Terms for more information.

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    1. You have so inspired me when I was struggling to keep going thank you for following, encouraging and for sharing your own work xx

  1. Beautiful! I’m inspired to continue working on a project I started long ago making a doily dress. Thank you!

  2. I taught myself how to crochet and started with doilies. Had to learn how to read patterns and stitches all at the same time. I still love making doilies. 45 years later.

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