Crochet How To – Magic Circle aka Adjustable Ring – Video Tutorial


When I first started crocheting my grandmother “Nanny” taught me to start with 3 or 4 chains joined together with all the starting stitches being worked in to the beginning chain.

When I started to crochet again a few years ago I wanted to make some of the very pretty appliques that start with circles and couldn’t work out how to get them so tight in the middle, you only get a tight centre when working in to a chain if you have lots of starting stitches.  So I searched and searched for a good video or picture tutorial on how to make an adjustable ring, I call it a magic circle because it is magic – so simple but so clever. I only found some a few picture tutorials and a few less than great videos with that little bit of help I taught myself. I don’t want you to have to do all that searching so I’ve made video that I think is clear enough to teach you how to make a magic circle. Once you’ve mastered it you will never forget and will use it always.

I haven’t looked back a since I learnt neither will you xxx


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One thought on “Crochet How To – Magic Circle aka Adjustable Ring – Video Tutorial

  1. Awesome job. I watch many videos on YouTube. Yours and one more help me. The other the person was left hand, was going fast, and was to up close to the work. You are right hand, right speed and just right to see what you are doing. It videos like yours that help people. Thank you.

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