Five Free Crochet Doily Patterns No 2

My project to make vintage doilies for a table runner continues, though taking a little longer than I would like. This is solely because of the unusually hot English summer we are experiencing. The hot weather is taking up lots more of my time tending to my allotment and garden making it hard to fit in some crochet.  I’m nearly there though I think I’m on the last doily. So I’m sharing five more free patterns. I shared the first five free patterns in an earlier post you can find it HERE.


With this hot weather watering of the allotment and garden is required every other day, we have to use watering can’s at the allotment as there are no taps for hoses only water troughs.  I timed just the watering, no weeding or picking any crops and it take’s one and half hours in total for one person.  I’ve been paying my younger son to come and help, he’s a big strong young man and always on the hunt for money to go fishing so it’s working well for us both.  His technique is to fill a 10 gallon bucket and flood the bits of the patch he’s watering.  It works, we are enjoying quite a harvest of sweat summer peas and the courgettes are coming into glut as a result.  The peas are a lovely and welcome summer treat but watering along with my full time job leaves little time for crochet.

If you want to try one of these pretty patterns but have never used thread I highly recommend you start as follows.  Take your time and be patient, use a 4 ply cotton yarn with a 3 mm hook and start by making a doily that you like, it will be bigger of course because you are using larger yarn and hooks. Once your confident and can follow the patterns, move down to a 2 mm hook and  2 ply cotton thread.  Next move down again to a 1.75 mm hook and a size 10 crochet thread and so on.  My tip is to wrap your thread around your little finger twice to help you with tension. It feels a bit fiddly to start with but with practice you will see a real difference in what you produce.

None of these patterns are my own so I have redirected you to other websites. For this post I’ve set out below either the link to a pattern or a download for the crochet diagram.


Similar or the same supplies can all be purchased at Love Crochet click HERE to find the thread yarns.

Doily No 7

Supplies – 1.75mm crochet hook (US 5 Steel), vintage rayon thread

Finished size:  10 cm or  4 inches across

A small doily that I’ll use as a filler along the edge of my table runner, you could use this for coasters in this thread or you could use a size 10 thread and it will come up just a bit bigger.

You will find a link to the diagram that you can download and print below the picture


Click here Japanese Doily No 7 to download the crochet diagram for the doily pictures above.

Doily No 8

Supplies 1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 Steel), Anchor Aida Crochet Cotton No 30 Col. 09926 (Ecru)

Finished size: 14  cm or 5 inches across

Another Japanese pattern that you can download from the link provided below the picture.  I love this one, the diagram was easy to follow and it’s so pretty now it’s finished.



Click here – Japanese Doily No 8 to download a PDF of the crochet diagram.

Doily No 9

Supplies: 1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), DMC Babylo No 30 Crochet thread colour 3864

Finished Size:  26 cm / 10 inches across

A beautiful pattern that did take a while more because I had to work out how to read the pattern rather than it being difficult to make. This one is copyrighted and is from a vintage crochet book.  You can buy the book, I found it on ebay for just a few pounds.  Have a search around and you will find one to buy. I’ve inserted a picture of the book below.


Coats Sewing Group Book No 986 Irish Crochet.  It has all the traditional Irish crochet motifs in it too so it’s a good buy.

IMG_1335 (2)

Doily No 10 – Simple Doily by Nancy Hearne

Supplies:  1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), Anchor Aida Crochet Cotton No 30 Col. 00001 (white)

Finished Size: 14.5 cm /  5 3/4inches across

A pretty and simple to make doily, I finished this on a little too early and didn’t include the little crowns around the edge.

IMG_1313 (1)

Click HERE to find the pattern on Nancy’s website.

Doily No 11 – Passion Flower by Denise Augostine

Supplies:  1.25mm crochet hook (US 12 steel), Anchor Aida Crochet Cotton No 30 Col. 00001 (white)

Finished Size: 16.5 cm /  6 1/4 inches across

A pretty doily that I enjoyed so much I made two! A really pretty pattern that looks like a Passions flower, as its name suggests.  It introduced me to the the pineapple and fan pattern you see in so many vintage patterns.


Click HERE to find the pattern.


Pin the picture below to your Pinterest Boards so you don’t forget where to find these beautiful patterns.

Five Free Crochet doily Patterns No 2

Please note this post contains affiliate links, you are not charged any extra if you use these links. However if you purchase something using the link I get a very small reward to help me keep designing these patterns for you for free.  Please see the Terms for more information.

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