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Vintage Doily Table Runner



It’s finished and I am thrilled with the end result, this as been worth the effort to make such a pretty vintage style table runner.  I have so enjoyed making each one have been surprised by how much I’ve learnt about crocheting in the round, joining motifs and reading vintage patterns.  I intend to put these skills to use in the coming months.

This is the last of three posts, the first one found HERE shared the patterns first 6 doilies and the second one found HERE shared the final 6 doilies.

I’ve set out below how I laid out and joined the doilies to make the finished piece.


This is the finished table runner with the doilies numbered as per the blog posts laid out below the picture.



Doilies 1-6 click HERE

Doilies 7 – 12 click HERE 

Table Runner Layout


This is relatively simple, once you are happy with your layout carefully pin your doilies in place making sure that they line up on a center line.  Mine’s not perfect, it’s a little off in places but I think it adds to the charm.

Using the matching crochet thread colour for the top most doily carefully stitch the two doilies together using a simple running stitch, taking care to hide the stitches from the top.  Cast off and knot the ends as you go.  Once finished you can steam press the overall table runner using a spray starch to stiffen it.

Hand washing is recommended with a delicate detergent. Note that you may need to re-block the piece in it’s entirety should it loose too much of its overall shape.


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Vintage Inspired Crochet Doily Table Runner


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