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My last post was for a simple crocheted Christmas bauble for 6cm plain or striped bauble with some beads or stars added to them.  This pattern is for a 6cm Christmas bauble that has a simple pattern to it.  This bauble uses surface crochet to finish it, if you’ve never surface crochet before I’ve included a link to a you tube video to help you work out how to do it. I promise it’s simple if I can master it you can too.



6 pack 6cm (3 inch) polystyrene (styrofoam) balls, I bought mine from The Range in the UK, in the craft section. Walmart sell similar in the US.

Stylecraft Classic Cotton in various shades one 100g ball will make many baubles. You can purchase this yarn at love Crochet click HERE .

I also used Twilleys fingerling yarn for some of the rows, you can find this on Love Crochet click HERE .

3.5mm hook (US size E4)

Ribbon for hanging

Tapestry needle for finishing

Pattern Notes:-  Chain 3 in each row counts as a stitch. Pull your magic ring tight before you insert your polystyrene ball.  You may need to add an extra row dependent on how much of the fingerling yarn you use because its not as thick as the Stylecraft Cotton. You can either add the extra row after row 5, or you can do two rows of double crochet at tow 6, measure the cup on your ball to decide which one will work for you. Cast off each row and join your new colour in another stitch to get an even finish where you can’t see your joins.

Abbreviations (UK Terms)

sl st – slip stitch

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

2trctog – 2 treble crochet together

Special Stitches 

2trctog – yarn over insert your hook into the stitch to be worked, yarn over, pull through, yarn over pull through two loops, yarn over insert the hook into the same stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over pull through two loops, yarn over pull through three loops.

Click HERE for a you tube video on how to surface crochet.

Click HERE for the chart to do the conversion of stitches to US terms.


Make two of the following.

Start with a magic circle

Row 1: (Colour A) Ch 3, 11 trc’s, sl st in to the 3rd chain of the starting ch 3 cast off.

Row 2: (Colour B joined in any stitch) Ch 1, dc in the same st, ch 1, dc in each st around. join with a sl st in the starting ch 1, cast off.

Row 3: (Colour C joined in any ch 1 space) *ch1 dc in the same st. ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc in the next st*, repeat * to * around join with a sl st in the starting ch 1, cast off.

Row 4: (Colour D joined in any ch 1 space) Ch2 (counts as the first trc) 1 trc in the same st, *Ch 1, 2trctog in the ch 1 space* repeat * to * around. cast off

Row 5: (Colour E joined in the space between any 2trctog) Repeat row 4 inserting each 2trctog in the space between each 2trtog on the previous row, cast off

Optional Row 6: Colour F If you have used the sparkly fingerling yarn for any of the previous rows you can add another row 5 hear in another colour or you can add two row 6’s in the same colour.

Row 6: (7 if you’ve added an extra row): (Colour F, G if you’ve added an extra row 5. If you add two row 6’s use the same colour. Use the same colour in this round for both halves of your bauble) dc in each st around sl st to join in the first dc, cast off.


Take your two halves of your bauble.

You will have lots of tails as you’ve cast off between each colour. Make sure the cast off’s are pulled tight to stop them opening up.  You don’t need to weave in all those ends just trim them so they are no more than 2.5 cm (1 inch) long, they can be a little shorter.  Insert the polystyrene (Styrofoam) ball into one half of your bauble, place the other on top.  Don’t worry if its a bit loose or tight it will even out as you join.  Using your tapestry needle and yarn the same colour as row 6 join with a whip stitch. Cast off weave in the end.

Row 8: (Colour G, H if you’ve added an extra row). Cast on on top of the joining stitches between each halve of your bauble.  Surface crochet around.  Cast off and weave in the ends.

Add some ribbon to your bauble and its ready to hang on your tree.


Blue Baubles Pin

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